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Fear is a poison, but you can use it to your advantage


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Fear of failing, fear of disappointing your relatives or friends, fear of approaching the girl that you like and so on. Fear could be both the best thing that can happen to you or the worst poison for your life if you decide to not go after what scares you the most. Let me explain. Fear is generated when your brain starts saying to your body: “Listen, this matter seems to be really important for you, you don’t want to screw this thing up”. Whether you want to open a business, post a new video of you on Facebook, or talk to a girl, you will feel that burning sensation that starts from your stomach and immediately reaches your chest, making you feel breathless for a couple of seconds.

Fear is so important in our lives because it lets us know what really matters to us, allowing us to go after what is really going to make us feel satisfied and happy at the end of the day. But what happens when you are stuck with it and you don’t face it? What happens when you decide not to post that video on Facebook because you are afraid of what someone else might have to say about you? What happens when you decide to not go after your dreams because your relatives don’t approve and you want to avoid the risk of disappointing them in order to fulfil their expectations and preserve the idea that they have of you? Or what happens when instead of talking to the girl you like, you keep telling your friends how beautiful she is, how awesome she is and blah-blah-blah.

If you don’t face fear straight on it turns into poison for your life in shape of regrets and you know why regrets are the worst thing that can happen to you? Because you can’t do a shit about them, what is done is done, game over… hasta la vista. We all know how fast time passes; I mean, speaking for me, it seems like yesterday, I took the flight from Bari to London to start the university here in the UK. Don’t be afraid of doing what you really want, go after it. Challenge other people’s expectations and let them know you for what you really are because, at the end of the day, the people that most care about you will not leave your side.

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